Dr. Ioanna Galanou
Breast Surgeon – Mammologist

Personal care and the application of the most modern technique in breast surgery bring the perfect result

Breast Surgeon – Mammologist – Dr. Ioanna Galanou, has a specialty in General Surgery and specialization in Breast Surgery, oncoplasty and reconstructive breast reconstruction.

She practices breast surgery in Athens and Rome.

Dr. Galanou has many years of experience as a Supervising Breast Surgeon Oncologist in thousands of certified surgeries, after a competition and exams in the Italian public sector in 2013, she joined a salaried position in the specialized and certifiedBreast Unit” at the European Oncology and Research Center Regina Elena I.F.O in Rome, considered one of the best European Oncology Centers and Clinical Trial Center (CTC). She is also a Mammologist at the Breast Center of the HHG Healthspot Kifissia Group and at the Medifirst Breast Center.

Dr. Galanou collaborates with distinguished surgical scientists, radiodiagnosists specializing in breast imaging, plastic surgeons, oncologists, radiation therapists, specialized nutritionists, psychologists, gynecologists, anatomopathologists.

In this way the woman can feel safe and secure. Dr. Galanou with great dedication and care, personally monitors the woman throughout the course of the treatments in collaboration with the specialists of her team.

Dr. Galanou practices innovative and new surgical techniques in Greece and for all her patients an oncology consultation was held with specialized doctors in Greece as well as at the European level, so that the most advanced techniques and oncological treatments are applied.

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