Molecular Genetic Tests

  • Genetic molecular prognostic tests are necessary:
  • In women with breast cancer not undergoing chemotherapy
  • Genetic molecular tests certified from a clinical and analytical point of view are the following: Endopredict, Mammaprint, Oncotype DX, Prosigma.
  • Patients that are excluded from gene molecular tests are:
    a) those with triple negative breast cancer (ER-/PRG-/HER2-) and with HER2+ cancer.
    b) those who, due to their clinical and age condition, cannot undergo chemotherapy
    c) those whose treatment is certain and are undergoing hormone therapy or hormone therapy and chemotherapy, depending on the prognostic parameters.
  • The certified centers that perform the genetic molecular prognostic tests must guarantee the execution times and the result of the examination to ensure the initiation of the oncological treatment.